Mobile EKG 12 Lead

A pocket-sized unit that enables 12 lead EKG readings to be made anywhere without the need for bulky, complex equipment.

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This small unit enables hospital-grade EKG assessments to be carried out any time, by anyone, anywhere in the world. Features of the Mobile EKG:
  • Easy to use, pocket-sized device which provides instant reports
  • Results may be transmitted for interpretation by a professional anywhere in the world
  • Makes cardiac medical solutions accessible to all, even in the most remote locations
  • Perfect for use in out of the way locations such as at sea, in the air or field, on oil rigs and in rural locations
  • Operated by simple apps that are compatible with all Apple devices
  • Offers the possibility for a fully mobile solution for EKG testing, particularly when used together with the Allbrand™ - 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt
  • Class 2 510(k) FDA exempted, Registration Number: K163607

How to use

In order to set-up and use the Mobile EKG device the 'vhECG Pro' app needs to be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store, a 10-lead cable needs to be attached to the unit and two AAA batteries need to be loaded.

Connectivity between the Mobile EKG and the chosen Apple device needs to be ensured through an open bluetooth connection. Once this has been done, the Mobile EKG device is ready for use and the on-screen prompts can be followed to initiate and conduct the EKG test.

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good product

This is very nice product

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