Easy EKG – Electrodes Belt with straps

Our EKG / ECG belt with straps provides the simplest, fastest and most comfortable way to perform 12 lead EKG tests in seconds, rather than minutes.

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This 12 Lead EKG / ECG Electrodes Belt is a revolutionary replacement for the traditional vacuum pump electrodes and patch electrodes. It makes it possible to dramatically improve the way EKG tests are carried out, both for patients and practitioners. It is extremely simple to use and can essentially be managed by anyone with some simple training. The time taken to carry out EKG tests is reduced significantly and patient comfort increases at the same time.
  • Fast and simple application
  • Fully elastic – one size fits all – women and men
  • Patient comfort assured – No need to shave or apply gel
  • Environmentally friendly – Reusable, no disposables required
  • Antibacterial - Hygienic protection embedded into the silicon
  • Universal – Works with all existing 12 lead EKG / ECG machines
  • Uses the American EKG / ECG color coding for added simplicity
  • Class 2 510(k) FDA exempted, Registration/ FEI Number: 1000463614
(Note that the license is under the name of our parent company, Levmed Ltd.)

How to use

Prior to using this Electrodes Belt with the patient, the belt has to be attached to the 12 Lead EKG machine using the ten leads from the machine. The leads should be attached using the standard color-codes, with the six chests leads clipped to the belt using the attachments provided and the limb clamps attached to the four limb leads. Once this set-up has been completed, everything is ready to conduct the EKG test and the device simply needs to be wiped down with a disinfectant between each patient. It is advised to wipe water across the electrodes prior to placement.

To place the electrodes on the chest of the patient, the belt simply needs to be stretched across the front of the exposed chest of the patient at the correct height, with V1 and V2 positioned slightly above the nipple-line of the patient, and the remaining four electrodes just below. The belt is secured by wrapping the end of the straps behind the patient's arms and then secured by bringing the two ends together in front of the middle of the chest. This movement takes seconds and ensures all the electrodes are correctly and comfortably placed against the patient's skin with no need for shaving or applying patches that are then hard to remove. The four limb clamps can then be placed on each wrist and ankle according to the color-codes. The set-up for the test is now complete and the reading can be initiated. Once the test has been completed, the clamps and belt can be removed swiftly and easily.

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One belt fits all

The belts' flexibility and possible expansion is designed to fit almost any chest size or shape, male or female.

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