12 Lead EKG / ECG Electrodes Belt replaces the traditional vacuum pump electrodes and patch electrodes:

  • Fast and Simple application
  • Elastic – Made of special Silicon compound – one size fits all – women and men
  • Patient comfort – No shave, No gel
  • Affordable – Reusable, No Disposables
  • Hygienic protection embedded into the Silicon
  • Universal – works with All EKG / ECG brands
  • Uses the American EKG / ECG color codes.
  • Class 2 510(k) FDA exempted, Registration/ FEI Number: 1000463614

(Note that the license is under the name of our parent company, Levmed Ltd.)

Our EKG / ECG belt with Straps allow easy and fast heartbeat measurement, for monitoring and prevention activities in hospitals, clinics, sports centers, elder care facilities, nursing homes, airlines & mobile care units. The use is amazingly simple and can be managed by anyone & the results can then be quickly shared with professional doctors for analysis.


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