Allbrand – 12 Lead
EKG / ECG Electrodes Belt with Straps

Class 2 510(k) FDA exempted, Registration/ FEI Number: 1000463614
Our EKG / ECG belt with Straps allow easy and fast heartbeat measurement, for monitoring and prevention activities in hospitals, clinics, sports centers, elder care facilities, nursing homes airlines & mobile care units. The use is amazingly simple and can be managed by anyone & the results can then be quickly shared with professional doctors for analysis.

Price: 599$

ekg or ecg

Mobile EKG 12 Lead

This Mobile EKG Machine unit enables the performance of simultaneous 12 Lead EKG automatic measurements and interpretation. Used in conjunction with the Allbrand 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt, these devices provide a complete solution for carrying out EKG tests easily and by anyone, anywhere.

Price: 1,899$