Is it ECG or EKG?

The two abbreviations ECG and EKG essentially refer to the same thing – a test that is performed to give us information about the electrical impulses of the heart. The two terms arise from the name of the tests in English and in German. In English the test is called an Electrocardiogram test – hence ECG.

In the German language, the test is an Elektrokardiogramm test leading to the abbreviation EKG.

ekg or ecg

The two terms can and are used synonymously but increasingly in the USA, EKG is the preferred term to use.

This has developed to avoid confusion with another test, the Electroencephalogram or EEG.

This tests electrical impulses in the brain but EEG and ECG sound so similar. EKG has a clear benefit to avoid any potential misunderstanding in spoken English.

The Allbrand 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt is an innovative product that has been used for many years in parts of the world outside America.

In other markets we have used the term ECG. However, Alma Solutions is now focused on bringing the electrodes belt to the US market.

As a result we are shifting our use of the term from ECG to EKG.  In some places you will see both terms used side-by-side ie.

new electrode for ekg

EKG/ECG but it is also possible that use of the term ‘ECG’ on it’s own still remains, such as in our earlier YouTube training video for how to use the belt. As time passes this will occur less and less frequently as more materials, specifically for the US market are created.

We hope this article helps to explain the variations.

our new Allbrand 12 lead ekg electrodes