Step 01

Ensure the screws on the EKG/ECG Belt are tightly closed

Step 02

Connect the EKG/ECG Patient Cable to the screws using EKG/ECG Clip Adaptors

Step 03

Connect the EKG/ECG Patient Cable to each of the 4 limb clamps

Step 04

Open or Remove the patient’s shirt

Step 05

Wet the 6 Electrodes (V1-V6) and 4 limb clamps with Tap water

Step 06

If necessary, bend V1 & V2 to ensure good electrode contact with patient chest

Step 07

When the patient is lying down comfortably, apply the belt on patient chest with V1 and V2 symmetrically on both sides of the sternum

Step 08

Apply one strap below the mid-arm, between elbow and shoulder, and then above the arm

Step 09

Apply the second strap below and then above the second arm

Step 10

Close the buckles over V1 and V2

Step 11

Confirm electrodes V4, V5, and V6 are located beneath the breast

Step 12

Ensure the patient is relaxed and does not strain his muscles. Ask the patient not to move or talk during the assessment.

Step 13

Allbrand™ EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt includes Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function for optimal hygienic protection.

After each patient, wipe Allbrand™ EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt with a disinfectant wipe. Use only disinfectants that are dedicated for use on medical devices

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