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New Electrodes For EKG/ECG

Electrocardiogram tests, otherwise known as EKGs, are diagnostic tests used by medical professionals to gain an indication of the electrical activity of the heart. The reading generated by an EKG test measures the polarization and repolarization generated at each stage of the beating heart. This is used as an indicator as to whether the heart is pumping normally, or not. In acute situations the EKG can detect whether the patient is having a heart attack. Otherwise the EKG can tell us about the rhythm of the heart beat, the likelihood of heart disease and whether there are any electrolyte imbalances.


Electrodes for EKG

The electrical signals are picked up by EKG electrodes that are placed at specific locations on the chest and limbs. These electrodes are made of a combination of silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) conductors surrounded by a conductive gel which transmit the electrical signal from the patient to the EKG machine.

If you have ever wondered if there is a better way to carry out an accurate EKG test without the need to apply numerous patches to your patient’s chest and limbs, we would like to tell you about an innovative new product that does exactly this.

What is the Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt?

The Allbrand-12 Lead EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt houses the six electrodes needed to generate an EKG test reading. In order to carry out the EKG test, this belt simply needs to be drawn across the patient’s chest and secured.

This automatically ensures that each of the six electrodes for EKG are correctly positioned without the need to apply the EKG patches or EKG stickers separately. There is no possibility to place the EKG sensors in the wrong order as the electrodes are built-in. The EKG electrodes, are color-coded in accordance to American EKG color-codes. Each belt comes with it’s own set of clips which are used to connect the electrodes belt to the EKG leads from all existing 12 lead EKG machines.

The belt is also supplied with four limb clamps to easily apply the EKG electrodes to the wrists and ankles. This will complete the full set-up for generating a complete EKG reading.

This belt is so easy to use that all staff, with or without extensive medical training, will be able to master use of it within minutes.

Why do medical staff prefer it?

Medical staff like to use this belt because it greatly reduces the time it takes to set up a patient for an EKG reading.

There is no need to prepare the skin ahead of the EKG test or deal with EKG patch removal and clean-up after the test. It eliminates the chance of placing the EKG sensors in the wrong place or in the wrong order.

It also severely reduces the amount of manipulation that medical staff need to perform on a sensitive area of the patient’s body, especially for female patients.

Once the belt is all set up, with the EKG leads in place, it is simply a matter of placing the belt on the chest, attaching the limb clamps and turning on the EKG machine.

Why do patients prefer it?

Patients prefer this belt because it is much more comfortable to wear this belt than to have ten different EKG pads stuck to their chest area and limbs. There is no need to use gel or to shave chest hair which is sometimes necessary to attach the EKG stickers properly. Additionally there is no pain upon removing the electrodes after the test. The overall experience is much more pleasant and agreeable.

Why is it better for the environment, and for the purchasing department?

The belt is a green, environmentally-friendly product. Each belt is durable and reusable.

It can be wiped down between uses between patients and it works for all patients, no matter what size they are. The recommended model comes with straps that close with a secure clip after being drawn around both arms. The same model works for men and women and is suitable for all body sizes and shapes.

With proper usage and care, the belt can be used successfully for many years with all patients. Additionally, this belt offers the full suite of EKG electrodes for sale without the need to buy multiple consumables for each test.

There are no disposables that are used once and thrown away. This is much better for the environment and also means that the need to keep stocks of numerous items for the purpose of EKG testing will no longer be necessary.

What is the belt made out of?

The belt is made out of medical-grade silicon. It is antibacterial and fully hygienic.

It has sufficient stretch to ensure that the belt sits comfortably on the chest of all patients and places the EKG electrodes exactly where they need to be to give an accurate reading every time.

The belt uses standard Ag/AgCl EKG electrodes.

How safe is the Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt?

All parts of the Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt have been fully tested and are 100% safe. It has been used effectively for many years in Europe, Asia and Africa without any reported side affects.

How much does it cost?

The EKG Electrodes Belt is priced at $599.

Along with the belt, this includes 6 banana clips, suitable for all 3mm and 4mm leads, 4 limb clamps and a custom-made carrying case. The price also includes free shipping all over the United States. We also offer a free informational meeting to help new users learn important tips and techniques for using the belt effectively.

This meeting can be in person in the New York area or online for other users all over the United States.

Does it come with a warranty?

The Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt comes with a one year warranty. It is FDA exempt from 510(k) requirements under FEI license number 1000463614.For the first year we are also offering a 30 days window to receive a full refund if you are not entirely happy with our product, even if you have unboxed it and tried it out.

In order to obtain the refund, we do ask that you undertake our free product demonstration and receive the full explanation of how to use the belt effectively. We want to make sure that you have everything necessary to turn this product into a success for you, and your patients.

Why are medical practices switching to the Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt?

The Allbrand – 12 Lead EKG/ECG Electrodes Belt offers a new level of patient care in the world of EKG testing. It offers an innovative way of doing EKG tests quickly, easily and with a higher level of service to

If necessary, bend electrodes 1&2 to ensure good electrodes contact with patient

It is truly the most comfortable product in the world for EKG testing. Once you have tried it, you will wonder why you have been applying separate EKG patches for years.

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