The augmented EKG leads are the three leads or pathways that are derived from the passage of electrical currents between the three limb electrodes for EKG attached to the right arm,  left arm and to the left leg. They are considered to be unipolar leads because they operate in accordance with a single positive electrode working in conjunction with a pair of the other two electrodes creating the negative pole through creating Goldberger’s central terminal. For instance, in the case of the augmented EKG lead, aVR – the Right Arm electrode is paired with the combination of the Left Arm and Left Leg electrodes.

The three augmented limb leads are aVR (Lead augmented vector right), aVL (Lead augmented vector left) and aVF (Lead augmented vector foot).

Augmented EKG


These leads utilize the same electrodes that are used for the limb leads: I, II and III. In the case of the limb leads, the pathway is bipolar and runs between pairings of the three different electrodes ie. Left Arm and Right Arm, Left Leg and Right Arm and Left Leg and Left Arm. The Right Leg electrode in the case of the 12-Lead EKG test is neutral and is not utilized in any of the pathways of the EKG test but acts to reduce interference.


The three augmented EKG leads are three out of the twelve leads or pathways that make up the 12-lead EKG test. In order to obtain these readings in conjunction with the silicon Allbrand 12 Lead EKG Electrodes Belt, the belt is supplied with four color-coded limb clamps to ensure that the four limb electrodes are easily and correctly positioned.