Alma Solutions Inc imports and markets advanced and unique medical products to benefit healthcare facilities and organizations. We specialize in identifying and distributing technologies that are used in other parts of the world to provide true added value to healthcare providers and consumers in America.

The founders of Alma Solutions have already had over 10 years of experience working in the medical devices market in Israel. Their company in Israel, Safety Medic Medical Services LTD, is a leading provider of medical equipment to clinics, hospitals and businesses.

Our Mission

Our extensive product catalog in Israel has more then 600 products. Our mission is to utilize all the experience that the team has developed in identifying exceptional products and bring them to the US market.

Our Values

We are scientists

We are passionate about understanding and finding better ways to understand the human body. Through thoughtful research and study we are constantly expanding our knowledge.

We are advocates

We are focused on providing clinicians and health systems support and opportunities to elevate their patient care.

We are community

We care for people in the best way we can—by making cardiac care better. The foundation of our community may be clinicians, but the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

We are innovators

We are dedicated to supporting clinicians in every step of their practice. We are always looking for new, meaningful ways to share and provide access to the tools we’ve developed.

Alma Cares

Demonstrating the power of the human heart. Alma Cares is a social impact initiative in which Alma donates products, services and support to healthcare providers globally, whose mission is to care for underserved communities. Our annual goal is to donate up to $200,000 worth of Alma products through partnerships with community-based, healthcare organizations.


Shachar Barel CEO & Co-Founder
Ran Cohen Co-Founder
Lea Kraus Product and Sales Manger
Yossef Wasserman North American Import Manager and Strategy Advisor
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Our Company Milestones

WOW! What a wonderful journey

Safety Medic, a medical services company was founded in Israel with the mission to bring innovative and cutting-edge medical devices and first aid equipment to the Israeli market


Built the first office and widened the team and product portfolio


Created the first online presence in Israel; attended first global conferences in America, China and Europe; developed extensive international corporate connections


Became a leading player in the medical devices industry in Israel


Initiated research on the development of a bandage to rapidly stop bleeding


Received an invitation to launch a company in the USA for the provision of innovative medical devices; Started to innovate in the provision of first aid in different formats in Israel including the Kit Box, an all-in-one presentation of the most important first aid equipment and Alma Plus - a point of sale innovation for the sale of first aid devices


Obtained an exclusive license to represent the All Brand EKG / ECG Electrodes Belt in the USA


Alma Solutions launched - alongside COVID; Alma Solutions and Safety Medic take a huge part in the provision of PPE to support local medical communities


Established the local office for Alma Solutions in New York State and secured first distributors the cover the entire country; wound bandage ready as a commercial product