Alma EKG
Smart System®

with Innovative EKG Belt technology

The first Bluetooth enabled 12-leads EKG Belt that is
quick to perform, easy to carry, and integrated
to the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

How it works?


Medical Advancement

Alma EKG Smart System® is FDA
approved for 12-Leads Medical
Grade EKG with abilities to measure,
compare to previous exams, and 3D
simulate the eletrodes feedback

Fast EKG

Alma EKG Belt® is preconnected to
all chest leads. Simply place the belt
on the chest, connect the four limb
clamps, and recrod the EKG with a
click of a button. No need to shave
the patient, or use disposible
stickers or skin pads

Portable EKG

Press the button for your three-in-
one heart health checkup. Readings
are instantly shown on-device, and
Wi-Fi sync means you don’t need
your phone nearby.

EMR Integration

Alma EKG Smart System® is fully
interoperable. Using the Alma app
on a 12.9” iPad, simply send the
patient EKG result directly into the
medical record.

Fast. Portable. Integrated. Advanced EKG

Alma Solutions Smart EKG System® provides the perfect solutions to rapid EKG exams.
By shortening procedural time to less than 90 seconds and with results seemlessly integrated to the chart, healthcare professionals are more available for other tasks.


Integrated Data

The Alma App® enables data tracking and comparising.
Healthcare professionals can track Heart Rate, PR Intervals,
QRS Duration, and QTc Intervals over time. Tacking the pharmacological
adverse affects on the heart, or monitoring the
progression of a heart disease has never been easier.

Alma App® also allows for side-by-side comparising
of EKG exams as well as vecror and measurement tools.

The resluts are sent directly into the EMR with one click.

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All your patient heart health data in hand

Encrypted EKG Data uploaded directly to the cloud
and accessable from the iOS app.
Heart Health data tracking of key EKG measurements
are visualized on the app.
Data is sent directly to the health record
(Currently avilable with PointClickCare®)

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The Alma App®

Our native iOS app provides easy
to navigate, ready to record platform.
The app includes 3D Heart Modeling by
electrodes and smart algorythm for
relevant physiology and treatment
simulation for enhanced patient

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Alma Travel case

Alma Travel Case includes everything
you need to perform a rapid 12-leads
EKG exam – anytime and anywhere.

Alma EKG kit is lightweight, easy to
carry, and argonamically designed to
intuitively use during the EKG exam, no
experiance or previous knowladge required.

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