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We also stock a Mobile EKG machine to provide a complete solution to carrying out EKGs anywhere, with total ease.

Easy EKG – Electrodes Belt with straps
Our EKG belt with straps reducing the time taken to carry out EKG tests.

Our EKG / ECG belt with straps provides the simplest, fastest and most comfortable way to perform 12 lead EKG tests in seconds, rather than minutes.

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Mobile EKG 12 Lead
12 Lead EKG automatic measurements and interpretation.

A pocket-sized unit that enables 12 lead EKG readings to be made anywhere without the need for bulky, complex equipment.

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Perfect Solutions
Together with the EKG Electrodes belt, the Mobile EKG performs an easy EKG test .

A fully portable solution for carrying out EKG tests anywhere, at any time, using the most cutting-edge and easy-to-use equipment.

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Alma Solutions Inc Advanced Medical Products

Alma Solutions Inc imports and markets advanced and unique medical products to benefit healthcare facilities and organizations. Alma Solutions specializes in identifying and distributing medical products and technologies that are used in other parts of the world to provide true added value to healthcare providers and consumers in America.

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Why Choose Alma Solutions?

The founders of Alma Solutions have years of experience in the medical devices market.

They are passionate about finding the most innovative products that make a real difference to both patients and service providers.

All of the products that are marketed in the USA are tried and tested in other parts of the world and have demonstrated their benefits time and time again.

Alma Solutions offers a personal service and 100% dedication to customer satisfaction.

Personal training on all our medical devices, either in-person or online, is offered throughout the United States. Every customer is important.

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We have years of experience working in the medical devices arena and are excited to bring innovative products, that are tried and tested in other parts of the world, to the United States.

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  • The product is great! I recommend for people to try the belt. It is an efficient product.-Dr. Wasserman

    Gabriella Wasserman Avatar
    Gabriella Wasserman

    Amazing Product! Highly recommended.

    Daniella Hen Avatar
    Daniella Hen
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The most common EKG test is a 12-lead electrocardiogram. It is performed by placing ten electrodes for EKGs on specific parts of the body. These ten

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New Electrodes For EKG/ECG

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