Easy EKG – Electrodes Belt with straps
Our EKG belt with straps reducing the time taken to carry out EKG tests.

Our EKG / ECG belt with straps provides the simplest, fastest and most comfortable way to perform 12 lead EKG tests in seconds, rather than minutes.

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Mobile EKG 12 Lead
12 Lead EKG automatic measurements and interpretation.

A pocket-sized unit that enables 12 lead EKG readings to be made anywhere without the need for bulky, complex equipment.

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Perfect Solutions
Together with the EKG Electrodes belt, the Mobile EKG performs an easy EKG test .

A fully portable solution for carrying out EKG tests anywhere, at any time, using the most cutting-edge and easy-to-use equipment.

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  • The product is great! I recommend for people to try the belt. It is an efficient product.-Dr. Wasserman

    Gabriella Wasserman Avatar
    Gabriella Wasserman

    Amazing Product! Highly recommended.

    Daniella Hen Avatar
    Daniella Hen